Your home is a unique place that deserves beauty and harmony. Our unique materials will make your home cozy and luxurious. Window decoration is one of the most important elements of interior decoration. We offer window decorations and arrangements: tulle, curtains, that are made of many different materials. Professionalism of the “Velour Design” employees will give customers the variety of choice. We pay special attention to every detail of the interior, we highly appreciate the wishes of our clients and we always try to create unique projects.

Our Service


Individual approach, high quality of finished products or conceptual solutions


Full compliance with the agreed terms, scope of work


Unconditional support of all orders

Large Choice of Fabrics

Our studio offers fabrics for curtains and furniture upholstery of various textures and colors, thus we provide a wide selection to our clients, designers and interior decorators. We constantly supplement and update sets of fabric samples for window decoration, while we try to take into account new trends and pricing policy of production companies. We also offer fabrics from our own collection, prepared in a partner factory, which allows us to achieve the right balance of price and quality.

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